Group Fitness

We pride ourselves in offering options for every fitness level and we understand that everyone has different preferences and comfort levels. That's why we are excited to offer two different Group Fitness options for our Fitness Centre members.

If you prefer a live instructor-led class with the energy of other participants around you, check out our Fitness Classes. However, if your looking for something you can fit into your ever changing schedule, our Fitness-On-Demand virtual fitness classes might be the best option for you. See below for more details on both options.


Fitness Classes

Looking for a little variety and extra motivation in your workout routine? Check out our Fitness Class schedule and join your fellow members as they tackle their next workout to energetic music with high-energy instructors. What’s even better? All Fitness Classes are available FREE of charge to Fitness Centre members.

All classes include warm-up, muscle-specific stretches, isolation work and cool-down. Class sizes are limited due to safety and liability concerns so plan to come early to ensure a spot in the class as spots are on a first come, first serve basis.

Schedule (Fall 2019)
  • Coming Soon!
  • I’ve never done a Group Fitness class before, will I be the only one that doesn’t know what they are doing?
  • Remember, everyone is new at some point and most participants remember when they were the “new kid” and are very welcoming and helpful to those willing to try out a class for the first time. Your instructor will also help guide you through and make you feel comfortable. Even though it’s called “Group Fitness” it’s all about your individual journey so don’t worry about what’s going on around you, just do your best and you’ll feel great when that final move is complete.
  • I work out a lot, will these classes be too easy for me?
  • The best part about Group Fitness is that every move can be modified to fit your fitness level, from beginner to advanced. Trust us when we say there will be an option for every fitness level that will leave you feeling like you just left the best workout of your life!
  • Do I need to pre-register for a class or can I just show up?
  • You do NOT need to pre-register for classes. They are done on a first-come, first-serve basis and there are class size limits, so we recommend showing up early to ensure you get a spot in your preferred class.
  • Is there anything I need to know before I show up for my first class?
  • Please leave your cell phones in your locker as this can be distracting to other participants. Besides, this is YOU time! Take advantage of a distraction free workout.
  • Please wipe down your equipment and put it away in its designated spot after each class. If you’re unsure where something goes, don’t be afraid to ask the instructor.
  • Please follow the workout the instructor is facilitating; however, keep in mind you can always ask for modifications if you find a move too challenging or you have a specific injury.
  • Please arrive on time (or early if you want to guarentee a spot). This makes it less distracting for other participants.


Is your schedule all over the place and you're just trying to get your workout in whenever you have a spare minute? Than our FitnessOnDemand software may be your new favourite workout buddy.

FitnessOnDemand is the market-leading delivery platform for virtual fitness. It allows users to walk up and instantly begin a workout on their schedule. FitnessOnDemand is a FREE service available to all Fitness Centre members so try it out today (or whenever your schedule allows it!)

  • How do I access a class?
  • The self-service digital kiosk interface allows you to walk up, choose a workout from hundreds of options, and instantly begin your workout on your schedule.
  • What types of programming does it offer?
  • The FitnessOnDemand software offers a variety of programming options ranging from 5-60 minutes in length and features all of the latest trends in functional training.
  • Users can gain instant access to popular functional training formats like HIIT, Kettlebell, Suspension Training and more.
  • Where is the FitnessOnDemand kiosk?
  • The self-service kiosk is located in the Fitness Studio within the Fitness Centre.
  • The user is able to view their selected class on the large TV screen located at the front of the room.
  • Are there times when FitnessOnDemand is not available?
  • The self-service kiosk is located in the Fitness Studio so if there is a scheduled Fitness Class or other pre-approved activity in the Fitness Studio, the kiosk may not be available.
  • It is recommended that you check the Fitness Class Schedule to ensure there isn't a scheduling conflict.