Pounce the Lion

Meet the official cat of Lambton College and the Lambton College Lions, Pounce!

Since 2012, Pounce has been representing the college at various events on campus and throughout the community. Pounce loves to interact with fans of all ages, and never says no to a photo or two. Named by the students after an online poll decided his name, Pounce is always keeping busy drumming up school pride with current and prospective students alike.

Pounce has a long history with Lambton College. His grandfather, George, was Lambton’s original mascot, beginning his career back in 1966 which was the year the College opened. George looked over his pride until retirement when his son Roary took over as Lambton’s official noble beast.

Roary held his post until he opted for an early retirement and headed back to Africa for his golden years. After Roary’s departure, the halls of Lambton College remained been absent of an official cat.

Pounce grew up listening to stories of varsity basketball, Canadian winters and the exciting day when The Lion’s Den officially opened at the former home of his father and grandfather.  For the young lion who had never left Africa, he marveled at the fact that his grandfather used to strap on hockey skates and actually floated across frozen ice!

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