CCAA Academic All-Canadians

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Academic All-Canadian award is the CCAA's most prestigious student-athlete honour, epitomizing a commitment to academic success and athletic achievement.

To receive the CCAA Academic All-Canadian award, recipients must have achieved honours standing during their last complete academic semester/term and be named to his/her Member Conference All-Star Team.

Year Name Sport
2016-17 Zach Moniz Men's Soccer
2015-16 Riley Williams Women's Basketball
  Matt Cinjau Men's Soccer
  Richael O'Neill Men's Soccer
2013-14 Riley Williams Women's Basketball
2012-13 Riley Williams Women's Basketball
2011-12 Dierdre Bradd Women's Basketball
  Lauren De Jong Women's Soccer
  Stuart Jodrell Men's Soccer
2010-11 Celia Honke Women's Soccer
  Kristen Lawson Women's Volleyball
  Jamie McCahill Men's Soccer
  Alex Toutant Women's Soccer
2009-10 Amanda Johnston Women's Soccer
  Jamie McCahill Men's Soccer
  Jeff Soetemans Men's Soccer
  Danielle Toner Women's Soccer
2008-09 David Akelaitis Men's Basketball
  Rebecca Nywening Women's Soccer
2007-08 Henry Lopes Men's Soccer
  Maegan Hann Women's Soccer
2006-07 Adam St. Denis Men's Soccer
2003-04 Lindsay Harrop Women's Soccer
  Joe Kusnir Men's Soccer
  Blair Lucas Men's Soccer
  Matt Stevers Men's Basketball